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Jaden - ScionDesigns
United States
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Personal Quote: "Love as thou wilt"
Ok what is with people?!!  I'm serious.  I'm talking to the people that steal other people's work and claim its theirs, that steal other people's work and post it somewhere else.  Or the big pet peeve I have is you talk really stupid, rude, disrespectful regarding the models features, or body type.  Now my position is made clear on the stealing of other's work and apparently DA staff does NOT care or respect their subscribers to prevent this from happening so to protest the inactions and stupid actions of the DA staff and stealers.... I'm taking my work down.  Going into storage.  Gone.  Done with that issue.

Now calling a model to fat, too thin, or "shave that shit off"... that was the big one that pissed me off - is not only rude, its hurtful, disrespectful and just plain stupid.  The "too thin" really really piss me off.  Telling someone to eat a sandwich not cool.  There are those of us that are out there living that have difficulty gaining weight.  Not by the lack of foods we eat or the choices of food its due to medical conditions, genetics and just plain THAT IS THE WAY WE ARE.  You ever think that the model in question is naturally built that way?  Do you ever think that your words hurt and destroy?  You ever think that the model likes her built and works hard to keep her body that way.

I'll use me as an example.  I'm NOT a model.  I'm a brown man. I stand 5'10" and I weight a 128lbs soaking wet.  All my life I've been this way.  I've gone to dietitians from high school on up.  In high school I was put on a 8000 calorie A DAY diet.  I was on that diet for a year and I wound up sick and tired of food.  I was done.  I was in the Army and they made me go through the chow line 4 times.  The highest weight I ever held was a small 140 lbs.  However the one doctor that understood my plight just told me to eat until I'm full or if I'm hungry.  She said doing all that eating is not going to work for you and neither putting you through test.  You are healthy, verly little cholesterol (very little body fat); and I'm lean. Meaning I'm all muscle.  I can do some things that no person my weight should ever do for its bad for my back muscles.  I've been teased and put down by my family by having food shoved in front of me that no one believes I'm full after I clean my plate.  

Oh and let us not start with finding any pants in my waist size since society has determine that I should have a size 36 inch waist.  Yeah - and then there are the looks from everyone else that constantly pinch me saying I need to gain weight.  Now tell me - how should I feel about that?  At times I feel shun.  The only pants that fit me are the pants at the Army/Navy surplus stores for the waist is adjustable.

Now I'm only 1 example.  Think of how the model feels.  When a respectful photographer sees her beauty from the inside out, not to mention she has a great body.  She thinks about it, her self esteem rises for she is thinking "I'm not too thin and I'm not fat someone saw me as just right." Then she does about 200 hundred shots.  The photographer siffs through the days set to pick out the best ones.  Then shares her with the world.  Then 10 great comments of "Hot body; nice ass; love her legs; she has a great expression with her eyes blah blah blah"  Then 20 more great comments.  Her and photographer self esteem builds and builds until - someone says something stupid like "I can see her bones feed her; or she too thin she seems ill." Or the beautiful one that I read that pissed me off "She's got hair down there, it looks disgusting she should shave that off its not natural."  Or the religious 15 yr old attitude - "If she poses nude she must be a slut, or she'll burn in hell." or "I love to hit that... blah blah blah."  Now think of the photographer feels and the model feels.  Then the really great storm happens - her family finds out that she posed nude because they "Stumbled" upon it - her brother saw it, her mother saw it, her father saw it, her uncle saw it, the child molester down the street saw it.  Now she calls the photographer and requests in tears for him to destroy the photos and take the them down all because some dit wit of a freshman in college decided to "right click save as..." than post on some stupid tumbler site.  Now the model whose self esteem went sky high is sky low, concrete sewer low.  And it could be worse... her boss finds it and fires her from her job.  Great.  Thanks for stealing art that is not yours.

The point of this little rant:  Respect.  Respect the models, respect the photographers and respect people's privacy (Meaning don't steal art that is not yours and don't steal other's peoples work and posting them on a tumbler blog claiming its your work.  Its UNCOOL.)  And another thing - if you don't have something nice to say regarding a model or her physique just don't say anything.  Yeah critique the photo like the lighting, the costume, the setting, the background - however LEAVE THE THIN AND FAT REMARKS OUT OF IT.  Again if you don't like nudes don't look, and don't say anything.  IF you don't like the model shape don't say anything move along.  No one is forcing you to look.

And in regards to sensual erotic photography - yes there are some photos that are borderline porn.  However come a half erect penis is not really a big deal especially when women are showing erect nipples and puffy labia (just for aesthetics purposes of the shot); or an expression of sexuality.  If you don't like it move on however don't complain and prevent me from seeing something I fine beautiful simply because you don't like it.

And one more thing... stop going to MET-ART/Met Models and stealing watermarked work that is copyrighted and claiming that its your work.  Its insulting especially when I know its from those sites.   You want attention actually do the work.

Ok done with my rant. Have a respectful day.

Oh - another thing I know my rant is going to touch some nerves and receive some praises.  The nerves it touch well there is a saying... "The truth will set you free, however it will first piss you off."  Not my deal that you got pissed.

Blessings and Kudos to ALL the models, artists and photographers that break down barriers, and ride the waves. You all are wonderful people never stop living your dream and chasing/catching the stars.

(looks like I opened a can of worms.)
  • Listening to: Crunchy Music Goodness OONTZ!!!
  • Reading: Jacquline Carey
  • Eating: PIE!!!
  • Drinking: COFFEE!!! and Eating PIE!!!

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